Ikea kitchens door styles range from foil-coated MDF to solid wood.

1. Are frameless cabinets less sturdy?
They are not. They are very strong and meet all the standards!
IKEA uses 3/4″ MDF secured with confirmat screws as well as cam dowels and locks in the construction of the cabinet box.  The back panel is 1/4″ hardboard and is secured by brads.

2. MDF is inferior to plywood?
IKEA uses 3/4″ thick MDF coated and edge banded in melamine veneer, which complies with E-1 standards.It is recycled compressed fiber.  It is very strong and sturdy as well as environmentally friendly! Some very expensive German kitchens like Poggenpohl and Bulthaup to name just couple,  also use MDF.

3. Drawer boxes are plastic and metal?
IKEA’s Akurum and Faktum Kitchen Cabinet Systems utilize Blum Tandem box drawers made specifically for IKEA. Once properly assembled, they are very strong, sturdy and easy to keep clean.

4. Plastic legs are not strong?
Not true! Plastic legs are rated for 275 pounds each. That means on a cabinet with 4 legs, it’s rated to hold and they can be perfectly leveled on any floor without shims… Hence they are better!

5. Are doors and drawer fronts durable?
Yes! IKEA offers a 25 year warranty on their Akurum / Faktum Kitchen Cabinet Systems. Over the years and hundreds of kitchens installed I haven’t had any problems period.

6. All IKEA cabinets are contemporary or modern?
IKEA has 4 cabinet style groups: Young, Modern, Country, and Scandinavian – each representing a distinct aesthetic.

7. Akurum / Faktum Cabinet Configurations are limited?
IKEA’s component system makes it possible to swap parts from one cabinet to another, creating your own custom cabinets from the standard parts.  More can be achieved with a little modification.

As the added benefit, once you have Ikea cabinets, you can just replace the doors if you want a different finish, so if anything you have even more options.

8. Are inexpensive cabinets poor quality?
IKEA employs cost-saving measures on a corporate level to reduce the overall cost of production, manufacture, transportation, storage and merchandising their products. They are world biggest furniture manufacturer and all Ikea kitchens are high quality made in Europe.

Some of the above-mentioned are examples of what I came across by a competition trying to misinform you in order to sell you more expensive cabinets.  I believe they do so as they don’t know how to overcome the fact that Ikea kitchens are quite genius and are of excellent, unbeatable value.